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le 14/08/2022 à 01:43

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When I met Dr. Augus, my husband had divorced me because I was a barren woman of 41 and I have been married for 21 years. I was devastated and confused as a woman of my age until I went online to look for help on how to get my marriage back then I met Dr. Augus. Within 48 hours of contacting him, my ex husband came back home and pleaded for me to forgive him and take him back after 5 months of divorce. I accepted him back and then I told Dr. Augus of my bareness for him to help me. He did the spell for fertility and after 48 hours of completing it, I conceived. My husband got me pregnant and I gave birth to a baby girl. Presently, I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl and I am happy in my relationship. This is all thanks to Dr.Augus and his wonderful work. Contact Dr. Augus Via Whats-App number +447883246472. Email at:
le 10/08/2022 à 22:56

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le 10/08/2022 à 19:36

I was in need of assistance and had also my BTC wallet compromised. A hacker who wanted to assist me online cost me roughly $21,000. I gave up everything away because I also had poor credit! Until I met GARY MCKINNON, an angel who assisted me in getting my Bitcoin back and raising my credit score to 750. I was first anxious because I didn't want to become a victim once more. He truly was a gift from God, as I was unable to make ends meet by the end of the month. If you are experiencing a similar issue, I urge you to contact him right away since I made good on my promise to him that I would spread the word about his excellent job. contact him via email GARYMCKINNONCYBERSERVICES @ GMAIL. COM or text number 607-764-0018
le 09/08/2022 à 23:04

It’s imperative that I tell you this. You guys have to note that not all those out there who pose to be hackers are real. Creditors kept coming after me and putting all to my credit report this really caught up with me and kept drowning my credit score. My score was 495 low and all my cards were maxed out. I have been on search lately on how to take off eviction from my public records with lots more, people on different forums kept talking about professionals but most were all fake, I was skeptical to trust a ghost this time until a friend introduced me to what he referred to as “One on one with your best and reliable hacker ” on that very day, I mailed them on ROOTKITSCREDITSPECIA LIST AT GMAIL DOT COM for help, few minutes later, I got a feedback on steps involved, fortunately for me I requested if we can meet in person because the address was close to me and the GURU agreed and scheduled appointment time, we met and he took time to explain everything involved and I visited twice before conclusion of job, I paid in cash for the first time using credit repair service , the fear of being scammed was off track. it’s been 5 days now after I pulled my score and it showed up on excellent reports with all negative cleared. I’ve applied for loan last week on their recommendation. Today, I just got approved, its like a magic last week but I pleaded with them to wait I get loan approval and to be convinced of the 790 excellent score I pulled last week was real. Thanks to team ROOTKI
le 08/08/2022 à 19:04

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le 06/08/2022 à 20:24

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